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What is Fine Art

As any art collection develops over time fine art management keeps art collections fresh and exciting through complementary framing, proper lighting, and harmonious placement. Fine art management is everything an art gallery or art collector–large or small–needs during their journey with art.

In 1997, Alan Scott started Fine Art Management with a simple vision—a man passionate about art, a rich knowledge of home construction, had planed only to help local galleries install artwork for their clients. Over the years the collectors have become a driving force. Asked to return time and time again to their homes, Scott developed a vision for a more sophisticated breed of professional art installer. Today, he is one of Southern California’s premier art installers, managing some of the finest art collections in Orange County, Los Angeles, across America, and Europe. The service of fine art management he provides–part interior design, part art consultation, part handyman–is one many art buyers, galleries, and personal collectors both large and small value.

The artful touch to art installation is the difference that Alan Scott brings to every project. His approach is to see the art collection as a whole and create a harmony and flow that pairs with the client’s personality and the surrounding environment. Often by thoughtfully adjusting the placement of pieces it allows the space to feel less cluttered and more magical. Both the art and the creative placement should tell a story about the people who live, work or visit there.

“Scott designs the exhibition in [the client’s] space. His natural eye has been honed by his exposure to every step of art making and exhibition. He has a perspective that’s totally unique in this industry.”
- Laguna Beach gallery owner Peter Blake

Although Alan spends a lot of time working with art galleries, exhibits, corporate clients, retail and restaurant space, and private collections he is still passionate about helping even the smallest collector with their first art piece—no job is too large or small

Background & History

Alan Scott grew up in southern California near Pasadena, where early as a child he harnessed his creativity and imagination hand-making his toys using cardboard, string, paint, wood, and any other material he could find. During his adolescence, as the only man in the house with his mother and sister, he became incredibly handy with home construction as he handled all of the projects and fixes over the years. As he was coming of age, Alan grew fond of antiques, art, and was possibly the only teenager with season tickets to the Pasadena Philharmonic. Admiring and spending hours at places like the Huntington Library, Norton Simon Museum, Hearst Castle, and galleries across the Los Angeles area, he surrounded himself with art and culture that he had come to love. His real journey with art collection began at the age of eighteen on a cross- country motorcycle trip. While in NY he had to cut his trip short after spending his traveling money on a piece of art he discovered in a gallery.

The unique experience, background, and early love for the arts have helped define Alan Scott, and to this day influences the perspective and approach he brings to every client.

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