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Located in Irvine California, Alan Scott works throughout Southern California. As the premier art installer in Orange County and Los Angeles, he has also worked for his clients in their homes all over America and in Europe. For private art collections, Alan Scott and the fine art management team understands that the installation of your art is as important as buying your art, it is an extension of your buying experience.

“When installing art, my approach is to see the collection as a whole. I like to get to know my clients and become familiar with the home to better understand how the collection should flow. I look for a harmony that from any view of the art it tells a story about the personalities of the people that live there.”
Alan Scott

Call Alan Scott directly at at 949-275-4474 or email him to discuss your particular needs.

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For the Guggenheims home in ‘A Cape Cod Makeover’ Alan Scott cleaned several of the original family portraits, installed the over the picture frame lighting, and worked with the designer Hank Morgan to hang all of the artwork.



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